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Almond Careers Project Management Conference

About the Event

Almond Careers was established in 2013 to solve the problem of gainful employment for the BAME community. Determined not to be caught in the hopeless cycles of menial jobs himself, Founder Henry Mbadiwe set out to build his own career in a short time within Project Management in order to raise others like him up.

Past Conference

For almost 10 years Almond Careers has been equipping candidates with practical knowledge and hands on work experience in the field of Project Management. Business Analysis and Software Testing. Following training with Almond Careers candidates have successfully gained Project Management, Business Analysis roles with companies such as Sky, Reed, PWC, Cap Gemini, BBC, to name just a few. These success stories prove that there are enough roles to go round if you can prove your ability to do the job and that you are only as limited as your beliefs and the knowledge you are exposed to.

There are still so many that do not know Almond Careers exist and as such have settled for jobs that offer no career fulfilment because they simply don’t know how to get a foot through the door. This is the reason for the Employability forum, to make people aware of this mission and to reconnect them with the hope of a better career in project management, through information and work experience.

The reality is employers will not hire you if you do not have work experience. While certification and degrees are essential, what is more highly regarded in the market place is evidence that you can do the job you have put yourself forward for and that proof is experience.

At the Almond Careers’ Employability forum 2022 we will once again be having that discussion of how to make yourself more employable and the various career opportunities within the Project Management industry.

We will be looking at key qualities employers look out for in a candidate and how to boost your chances of securing your dream role in Project Management.

We will be having speakers from various sectors sharing expert knowledge as well as past candidates of the Almond Training programme to share what their journey has been like since securing their first project related role.