Online Training

Do you want to secure a job as a Project Manger, Business Analyst or Software Tester? Have you been in a job you don’t like, wanting to make a change but you know you do not have the experience to secure a better paying job? If your answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, then what you need is our Training with Hands on Practical Work Experience that can go onto your CV as reference.

Although we have offices in London and Manchester in the UK, most candidates in other parts of the UK and Europe can take advantage of our online classes. These classes will run over a period of 1 – 2 months after which candidates will be assigned a real project to work on remotely for 3 months. Once you start the project, you will have a Product Owner who will be on hand to support you through out the project delivery process. We will help you with your CV, support you during interviews and continue to support you in every way until you secure a job.

Our Project Management, Business Analysis, PMO and Software Testing online classes are all instructor lead. This means you have the trainer right there with you and you can ask questions in real time.

Being outside the UK doesn’t mean you have to miss out on improving your career. We deliver our trainings using online video conferencing software where you will talk live with your trainer as you would normally in the classroom. You will be able to see their screen where you will see the slides, resources, graphs, diagrams, templates and much, much more just the same as you would in the classroom. This form of online learning is the most collaborative and convenient class you will find anywhere! all you need is access to Internet and you are IN!

When you go for an interview, what will the interviewer want to know? Will they want to know how many degrees you have or will they ask you questions around what you have done in the past? Certificates do not secure jobs, experience does. Our training with practical work experience will see you get hands-on to project delivery doing the work for yourself with your team so at the end of the day, you can say: “during my last project, i managed the backlog grooming session and this is how i did it…”

There are a lot of Project Management jobs out there, make that move to secure one today. Give yourself the chance to move to a better career, give us a call today lets take that step together. Procrastination kills dreams, take action NOW!!

See courses below:

First timers in the field of project management (PMO), this one is for you. This training is an introduction into Project Management and Business Analysis. There are various entry roles in this field; Project Management Officer, Project Support Officer, Project Coordinator, Junior Project manager, Project Assistant etc. This training will prepare you to take up any of these roles. View Details

This particular course is mainly based on hands on learning. As Project Management is a practical discipline, the best way to develop is to ‘learn-by-doing’. It is targeted towards those with previous Project Management experience and would like to progress to being a Project Manager. It is NOT for those with no experience at all. View Details

Business Analysts are responsible for gathering requirements on a project. Some of their key skills include requirement elicitation, good documentation and presentation, Visual modelling and critical thinking. The knowledge of tools for managing requirement is also essential. View Details

In today’s world the Software Testing industry is growing at a very rapid pace. The need to deliver quality IT products has become the foremost goal of software testing companies. Our training is designed to give you the skills required to be a professional software tester. It will teach you testing frameworks as well as software tools used for managing testing. View Details

This course provides comprehensive training for anyone involved in software testing, including test analysts and test managers looking for highly practical knowledge and techniques. It is a combination of lectures, workshops, exercises and practical involvement on a real project. Delegates will leave with testing knowledge, skills and techniques within Selenium, Ruby and Cucumber, which can be applied in the workplace. View Details