Manual Software Tester Training, Mentoring and Coaching

In today’s world the Software Testing industry is growing at a very rapid pace. The need to deliver quality IT products has become the foremost goal of software testing companies. Our training is designed to give you the skills required to be a professional software tester. It will teach you testing frameworks as well as software tools used for managing

The end user or customer must be the focal point of every product as such we’ll teach you how to think from their point of view and prepare your test data accordingly. This training will last for 5 weeks online classes and thereafter hands-on experience on project tracking web apps which can be powerfully harnessed to guide testers in their activities on conducting testing operations. This acquired knowledge enables you to continue testing our applications for another 8 weeks for an immersive training experience.

This would require a delegate to have an IT/Technical background, however new comes are welcome as well.

The training runs for 5 weeks (2 hours every Tuesday online sessions) where delegate will be trained in detail on manual software testing. After all the training has been completed then you will see the candidates implementing their acquired skills by working remotely on a live project.

Week 1

  • Brief introduction to software systems and SDLC
  • Basic concepts
  • Preview of Testing

Week 2

  • Testing Techniques
  • Test Administration
  •  Explore a Live Web Project
  • Create the Test Plan
  • Test reporting

Week 3

  • Mobile Software Testing

Week 4

  • Test Tools used to Build Test Reports
  • Managing Change
  • User Acceptance testing
  • Case Study

Week 5

  • Run through of Manual Software Testing
  • Automation Testing Basics

At the end of the training, delegates

  • Would have understood what software testing entails,
  • Would be proficient using software tools for testers used in the industry.
  • Would be capable of conducting manual testing to a professional standard.
  • Would have understood automated testing and how to go about it.
  • Would have understood how to use of Bitbucket, JIRA  to develop test cases from user stories.
  • Manual Software Tester
  • QA tester/Engineer
  • Junior/Senior software tester
  • Junior/Senior test analyst
  • System tester
  • Title

    Manual Software Testing

  • Type

    Role Training Course

  • Location


  • Duration

    • 5 very interactive & educative online classes
    • Hands on work experience on a minimum of 2 projects
    • 16 weekly mentoring sessions
    • 4 Jira Sessions
    • 4 Azure Devops Sessions
    • Job Reference
    • Certificate


  • Course Fees

    UK:  £499  VAT Inc.
    Discounted price: UK: £299 VAT Inc.
    Nigeria:  #150,000  VAT Inc.
    Terms and Conditions Applies



Payment will allow you book an upcoming Batch.
Registration Fee is part-payment & non-refundable.

You can pay £199 now and £100 later or you can also pay full course fee of £299 upfront