A refresher is when a former student of Almond Careers returns to complete their training all over again.
A refresher is recommended when a period of six months and above has elapsed since the student completed their training and work experience with Almond Careers.
A refresher could be required but not limited to the following reasons:
– Since they completed their training they have been unable to secure a role within the project field and would like to refresh their knowledge and take up a new project to extend their work experience.
– They were unable to complete the training tenure due to personal reasons.
– They simply want to be a part of a new project to build on their knowledge and boost their confidence.
A student returning on a refresher will be entitled to 50% off the going price, whether it is on a discount or not.

Please see our payment policy for the terms and conditions of payment.
A student returning on a refresher requesting to take up a different course (for instance, going from PM to BA) from what they originally registered for, will be allowed to change course. However there will be an extra charge of £100 incurred for amending a CV to reflect the new course and role they are taking up in their work experience program with Almond Careers.

As is customary, Almond Careers will provide a CV reference for students returning on a refresher from the moment they register for their refresher course until they secure a project related role.

CV references with Almond Media (sister company to Almond Careers) will not exceed a
period of 1 year.
If a student who completed their training more than a year ago, without securing a project management related role, contacts Almond Careers requesting a reference, they WILL NOT immediately be issued with a reference. Instead they will be advised first of all to return for a
refresher course at a discounted rate and take up on a new project from start to finish.

UK / NIGERIAN References
All students registered under “Nigeria” (who paid the Nigeria fee) will receive a Nigerian reference (eg, Almond Media Nigeria) while all students registered under “UK” (who paid the UK fee) will receive a UK reference (eg, Almond Media UK).

WORK Reference Request
When a student of Almond Careers secures a project related role and a reference is requested, all reference requests must be formally submitted via email ONLY to
If a student makes contact via telephone requesting a reference, they will be advised to put their request in writing via email.
All references will be processed by the Almond HR Team and will be provided relating to the project completed with Almond Media to both recruiters and employers on behalf of the student.
We will not supply direct contact details for any of our internal staff.

Employment Status Requests
The project work embarked on with Almond Media is undertaken completely on a voluntary basis, while this will not be mentioned in your reference, it is important that all students understand that Almond Media does not provide employment status information for students. All requests for employment letters or proof of paid employment with Almond Media will be denied.

Using Almond Media on your CV
It is imperative that all students understand that Almond Media, NOT Almond Careers is the correct information to use for references. Also, students must also note that the representation of the work experience on their CV and in conversations with recruiters should be presented as that of a freelance contract and not as a permanent Job.

Requesting References after 1year of completing Almond Careers – Work Experience Program (WEP)
All Alumni students of our Work Experience Program (WEP) yet to secure a role can ONLY use Almond Media as a reference if the time lapse between finishing the program is not beyond 1 year (12 calendar months). If after 1year the student has not been able to secure
a job and would like to continue to have Almond Media work experience on their CV, the student would be expected to return for a refresher course (at 50%) of the current fees in order to be placed on a new project which will extend their experience one more year.

The same will continue for every new year the student wishes to have Almond Media on their CV. This is to ensure students of our WEP remain up to date with project delivery and that we can continue to provide references that accurately reflects their experience and knowledge in the field.

If a student refuses to participate in a refresher course, we have no obligation to provide a job reference beyond one year, which covers the year in which they trained and completed their WEP with Almond Media. All update to policies come into effect as of today (08/09/2021).