Training Structure & Support

The training structure of Almond Careers Project Management courses consists of 8 weeks of online classes for the Project Management (PM) and Business Analysis (BA) course, 4 weeks for the Project Management Office (PMO) and 5 weeks for Manual Software Testing (MST). This is followed by 12 weeks of hands on work experience, delivering one of our real client projects. In addition to this, students benefit from further weekly training on project management tools, such as Trello, JIRA, Azure, DevOps, MS Project, Wire Framing and Process Mapping, to name a few, combined with over 24 group mentoring sessions for the PMOs and 40 group mentoring sessions for the PMs and BAs as well as weekly BA and PM forums. In these forums, students can interact with and ask past students currently working in the industry relevant questions.

The support in Almond Careers guarantees that our students will be equipped with the knowledge and hands on experience required to successfully carry out the role they functioned in during their project. If students submit fully to the process and follow through to completion, they can be confident that they will be able to perform the function of their role when they secure a project role in the market.

Learning Resources

Following the completion of training with Almond Careers, students will have access to the learning resources of Almond Careers via Basecamp for 1 year. Once it approaches the first year any further access will be based on a 12 month subscription fee of £100.

Interview Preparation

As part of the training package we offer, every student is entitled to ONE FREE interview preparation session with one of our dedicated experts.

When a student has been successful in securing an interview and a job description has been sent over by the recruiter or hiring manager, a student can contact the Almond Careers office to request for an appointment for their free interview preparation session.

After the FREE session have been utilised, if any further interview preparation sessions are requested for, there will be an hourly fee of £50 attached.

ON THE JOB Mentoring

If a students requires fast tracked support for instance, in a situation where they have recently secured a project role before they have either began or completed their online classes or their work experience, that is then considered to be on the job mentoring. For this service there is an hourly fee of £60 attached. As part of the booked session, a student will be given three further contacts via email with their mentor.